“As a deer longs for living streams, so my soul longs for you, O God.”

The praise and worship of God is the ultimate purpose of human existence. We were made and redeemed, in love, for this, and it is the beginning and end of everything we do.

Circular Agnus dei moulding from ceiling above altar

We use all the resources at our disposal to worship God with beauty, reverence, intelligence, and joy.  Music is a large part of this, but so is thoughtful preaching: when we go to church, we are not meant to leave our minds at the door.  Above all, at the heart of all that we do is our sharing of the Eucharist, where we become one body through our sharing of the one bread.  This is our holy food, which sustains us to go out into the world, to live and work to God’s praise and glory.

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