For some people the day comes when they have to declare the great Yes.

Saying that Yes to another human being is personal, beautiful, and spiritual. We will be glad to walk with you as you prepare for and celebrate your wedding, and as you grow in your journey together.

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Our church is a wonderful place to celebrate a wedding, with its superb light. fine acoustics, and wonderful Choir. We will meet you two or three times (or more) to plan the service, and to help you think about the commitment you are about to make. Our experienced musical director is also be available to help you to draw on our rich musical resources.

You will be held in our prayers before, during, and after your wedding service.

In order to be married in St John;s Wood Church, you need to live within our parish boundaries, or to have a “qualifying connection” to the church. You can find out if you live within the parish boundary by visiting A Church Near You and filling in your address. You have a “qualifying connection” if either of you: has been baptised in St John’s Wood Church, has previously lived in the parish, has attended worship at the Church regularly for 6 months or more, has parents or grandparents who were married here, or has parents who previously lived in the parish or regularly attended the Church. It is best to contact us early on in your wedding planning to make sure that we will be able to marry you.  It especially important to contact us early on if either of you has been married before – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot be married in church, but a special process applies.

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Our experienced clergy team will guide you through all aspects of planning your wedding. In addition, The Church of England has some excellent and trusted resources which are available here.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in celebrating your wedding in St John’s Wood Church.

Get in touch to start your wedding journey