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Christ has called you by name

Confirmation is a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It is your own affirmation of the promises made at your baptism. At a confirmation service, a bishop will lay their hands on your head and call down the gift of God’s Holy Spirit to strengthen you to follow God’s way for the rest of your life.

Any of the clergy will be happy to talk you, if you are thinking about being confirmed. There is no fixed minimum age, but you must be ready to make lifelong promises for yourself – so not usually before the age of twelve.  Many people now are confirmed much later in life.

Confirmation candidates in St Paul's

How we prepare you for Confirmation

We normally prepare people for confirmation in informal small groups over a series of meetings. We will discuss what might suit you best. If you have not been baptised, you will usually be baptised and confirmed by the bishop in the same service.

Easter is a wonderful time to get confirmed, and each year there is a confirmation service in our cathedral, St Paul’s, on the eve of Easter Sunday. We will generally have one or more groups to prepare for these Easter confirmations, including a group specifically for teenagers. Look out for an announcement in September each year of our plans for the coming year. But there are other opportunities to be confirmed, so do get in touch at any time so we can work out what is best for you.


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