Weddings and Baptisms

To enquire about weddings or baptisms, please contact Fr Anders directly. More information about what these involve can be found further down the page.


A newly baptised baby with their parents and former curate, Fr Owen DobsonPeople can be baptised (or “christened”, to use a traditional English word for the same thing) at any age. Here at St John’s Wood Church baptisms take place on a Sunday, usually at one of the two main morning services (9.30 or 11am), but sometimes as a separate service at 12.15pm just after the Choral Eucharist. The clergy will visit to talk you through the service and its meaning beforehand.

What about godparents?
You will need to think carefully about choosing godparents. Godparents must be at least 16 years old, and must have been baptised themselves. Family members can be godparents (including parents being godparents for their own child), but it is often better to look outside the family circle to find godparents. There should be a minimum of two godparents; an old English tradition has two godfathers and one godmother for a boy, and two godmothers and one godfather for a girl, but this is only a tradition! The choice of godparents is in any case something the clergy will be glad to talk to you about.

Who can be baptised in St John’s Wood Church?
We expect people being baptised here to live within the parish or to have a strong connection with this church; if you do live in another parish, it would be our normal practice to seek the “home” vicar’s goodwill before agreeing to do the baptism here. You can find out which is your home parish using the information at the bottom of the page.


St John's Wood sanctuary, with a display of lilies in front of the altar

With its beautiful building and fine music, St John’s Wood Church is a wonderful place to be married. However, couples (and vicars!) are not free to decide who gets married where.

Who can be married in St John’s Wood Church?
A couple can only be married in a particular church if one of them is resident within the parish boundary (see the bottom of the page to find your parish), or if one of them has a legally defined qualifying connection with it. The most common connections are;

  • either of you was baptised here
  • either of you has in the past lived within the parish
  • either of you has been a regular worshipper here for six months or more
  • the parents of either of you were married here

If you work in an institution closely connected with the parish (like Lord’s, or the Wellington Hospital) it is likely that you could be granted a Special Licence to be married here, even if you don’t otherwise qualify. The clergy will happily talk the issues through with you.

People who have previously been married can have further marriages solemnised in church, but there is a further careful process to decide whether or not this would be the right thing. Do please contact us; we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have!

Does the Church have resources to help with wedding planning?
If you are looking for resources or guidance on planning a church wedding, the Church of England has a website specifically for this purpose.

Do I live in the parish?
To check in which parish you are resident, you can search by postcode at A Church Near You. A map of our parish boundaries can be seen below.

A map showing St John's Wood parish boundaries