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Location / Contact

Contact details for the church and some of its staff can be found on this page, or scroll down the page for a map showing our location. Also in this section of the website you can find out about holding weddings and baptisms here, hiring the church or church hall, and making donations to the church.

The facade of St John's Wood Church in spring, with pink flowers in the foreground

The Parish Office
St John’s Wood Church
Lord’s Roundabout
St John’s Wood
London NW8 7NE

tel: 020 7586 3864

For a map showing our location, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Fr Anders Bergquist (Vicar)
tel:07725 146 310
(day off: usually Friday)

Fr Jeremy Tayler (Curate)
tel: 020 7449 9896
(day off: usually Monday)

The Parish Office
tel: 020 7586 3864
Please contact the office with general enquiries, or regarding hiring the Church Hall.

Ray Wheeler (Site Manager)
tel: 07760 993 839
Ray is available all day Monday-Friday, and can also be reached on the office number (above).

Penny Greenwood-Penny (Churchwarden)
tel: 020 7262 0426

Michael Cayton (Director of Music)
tel: 07800 884 878

Stephen Jones (Churchwarden)
tel: 020 7286 1957

Judy Booth (Chamber Choir Manager)
tel: 07961 172 904

For more information about the church staff, visit the “Who’s Who” page of this website.