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Traidcraft and Zaytoun Days

Sunday 25 February

Sunday March 11

Sunday March 25

During Lent….

We invite you into a deeper reflection on and participation in the sacrament of Holy Communion which we celebrate each Sunday.

“Manna in the Wilderness” Sunday afternoons/evenings

Every Sunday afternoon in Lent before Evensong, Fr Jeremy will lead a Lent course reflecting on the sacrament of Holy Communion (also known as the Eucharist).  The first two and a half sessions will be exploring the sacrament from a theological and historical viewpoint; the last two and a half sessions will be more practical and personal.  Each session will take place in the church hall, 5-6pm, with tea available beforehand from 4.45pm.

Sunday 25 February     The Eucharist and the Reformation
Sunday 4 March           Anglican approaches / What does the sacrament mean for you? 
Sunday 11 March         The liturgy of the Eucharist
Sunday 18 March         Receiving the sacrament: preparation and thanksgiving


Joseph of Nazareth – Monday 19 March

6.30pm   Eucharist (said)


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