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Flower beds in St John's Wood gardens

For many of us, finding where we came from and who went before us can be important. But it is not easy to find our ancestors and until recently we, at St John’s Wood Church, didn’t have all the names of those buried in the St John’s Wood Church grounds. But now we do! Thanks to our indefatigable Church Archivist, Vivien Turner, we now have the names of the 1000+ people buried in the Church grounds in the period between 1814 and 1838 when it was open for burials. Our archivist tracked down the original 19th century register in the London Metropolitan Archives. As these records are now too frail to handle the records were photographed in an environmentally controlled conservation room and have been transcribed, and cross-checked against other records (where available) to produce an accessible alphabetical list

Burials register

If you think your ancestor may have been buried in the St John’s Wood Church Grounds, you can contact our Church Archivist through the Church Office who would be delighted to help you.

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