A number of sermons preached at St John’s Wood church recently can be found on the Archived Sermons page.
Our vicar, Anders Bergquist, preaching at a wedding, with the couple in the background. Photograph taken by Helen Maybanks.

Photograph courtesy of Helen Maybanks


Sixth Sunday of Easter –
21 May 2017
Genesis 8.20-9.17
Acts 17.22-31
John 14.15-21
Fr Anders Bergquist, vicar

Fifth Sunday of Easter –
14 May 2017
Genesis 8.1-19
Acts 7.55-end
John 14.1-14
Fr Jeremy Tayler, curate

Palm Sunday –
9 April 2017
Isaiah 50.4-9a
Philippians 2.5-11
Fr Anders Bergquist, vicar

Fifth Sunday of Lent –
2 April 2017
Ezekiel 37.1-14
Romans 8.6-11
John 11.1-45
Fr Anders Bergquist, vicar