from Fr Anders Bergquist, Vicar of St John’s Wood

The Vicar, Anders BergquistSt John’s Wood Church is next to Lord’s Cricket Ground, and just to the north of Regent’s Park. As a parish church of the Church of England, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to the community around us. We try to worship God with the best that we can offer, in services that are well-ordered but accessible: we are known for our music, and for a tradition of thoughtful and intelligent preaching and teaching.

Our congregations are diverse in every way, and while most of them live locally, they represent a great variety of backgrounds and nationalities, as well as the whole range of ages. We enjoy working with other churches in the area, and, placed as we are opposite the London Central Mosque, and near three synagogues of differing Jewish traditions, we can hardly avoid the challenges and rewards of encounter and friendship with those of other faiths.

We are open every day (with very rare exceptions) from early morning to late afternoon, so you can simply walk in, and look around, and be still, and pray. You are welcome to this website, which will tell you more about us, and our services and activities. You will be even more welcome at the church itself, or to get in touch with us here.

What do we believe?
St John’s Wood Church is an Anglican Church; we are members of the Church of England. Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has written an excellent introduction to Christian beliefs, and the Church of England website also has a page about the nature of Anglicanism within that. If you’d like to know more, do drop us a line!

Ralph and Meredith Stone recently moved to north London and have joined our congregation. Here Meredith explains what it was that attracted them to St John’s Wood Church.

Ralph and Meredith Stone“Ralph and I met in our university years during an invertebrate paleontology class, while we were both studying geology. Ralph has gone on to investigate the subsurface of the earth and discover oil while the “Stones” I’ve been tending to have been the living variety…our 4 children and now almost 6 grandchildren. We have been married 46 years and have lived in seven states of the US and in three countries abroad.

“We are grateful to St John’s Wood Church for so warmly welcoming us into this community. Although we do not come from an Anglican background, we recognise the common elements from our past and have appreciated the refreshing discovery of commonalities of belief and practice expressed in ways new to us. We return to church weekly, grateful for the power of the ancient liturgy to give voice to the cries and yearnings of our hearts when our own thoughts and halting words fail us.

“As Christians we have always been moved to express our thoughts, our praise, and even our teaching, through music. Ralph and I joined the Chamber Choir of St John’s Wood Church as soon as we were able. We are so happy to be able to sing and participate in the Evensong at the end of each month. An added benefit is that in meeting to rehearse we have found community and good fun as we work together.”

If you are thinking about coming to St John’s Wood Church for the first time, and have questions or queries which you would like answering, please email the office, or call us on 0207 586 3864.